PC and PLC Control Systems

The Backbone of Every Automation System

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Control Systems monitor input from various sensors, collect data, and send to output and field devices, giving operators and technicians crucial information about process and machine status.

AeroSpec offers both PC-based and PLC-based automation equipment from a variety of vendors, languages and integration platforms. We are able to integrate all major PLC vendors including units from Rockwell Automation, Siemens, IDEC and Beckoff. For PC-based solutions Microsoft Visual Basic-based software running on industrial class PCs is available.

Behind our PC and PLC-based hardware infrastructure is a rigorously tested software development system ensuring your piece of equipment is sufficiently tested, verified and validated prior to run-off and/or delivery. Whether semi-automating an existing task, adding robotics or fully automating a new process, our integrated solutions can provide great return on investment and value.

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